With a great deal of features standard between the models, there are still a few options you can add to further enhance future travels in your new van!
(Some of the following features are standard on TOPENDER®️)

KEDRON SLIMLINE LITHIUM POWER-PACK - Save weight & space, increase power storage, use more amps before voltage drop, faster charge & up to 4 times the life of conventional battery systems! These slimline lithium packs are one of the fasted growing Kedron upgrades on offer now! We have waited quite some time to implement lithium into our production line until we were confident in the system, and this is the result after quite a great deal of research and development! Once you see it and run through the benefits it’s easy to see why they’re so popular!

EXTERNAL SLIDE OUT ALLOY STORAGE BOX - Heavy Duty Alloy KEDRON storage box, fabricated in-house at the factory to suit the locker box and make use of packing space and more easily access items!

Slide out storage box - BBQ provision - Storage behind - KEDRON Caravans - Glen Gall ©

WALL-MOUNTED WASHING MACHINE - Weight saving at 16.5kgs and a power & water saving 29 minute wash cycle, these are a very popular option now!

KEDRON Wall mounted washing machine - Glen Gall ©

FRONT LOAD WASHING MACHINE - Designed and built to suit the increased vibration of rv travel, these are a well proven & extremely popular addition to most vans!

TOP LOAD WASHING MACHINE - A great option for when space or weight saving is a priority, while still handling a good load of washing!  

CAFE DINETTE FOLD BACK TABLE - Opens up room to relax back and stretch out when table not needed!

GENERATORS - The NEW Honda EU-22i’s has recently become available on the market, these are now by far the most popular for a compact generator with the start up power to handle the roof air-conditioners, whilst maintaining a great portable size! The original 2kva was an extremely popular model, and these will see that and more, having that bit extra power, and a fuel off switch to run the generator out of fuel in the line and help prevent fuel fouling over time in the fuel jet when not in use for extended periods of time. Certainly a great new model!
These are in stock at the factory now, and come complete with a 15amp lead, lock, spare 4-stroke oil, a quality cover & fuel conditioner! These are now suited to the fit in the front CAD designed boxes of all models (Compact from May 2018 onwards), and we can fit the generator on your slide, pre-delivered & test-run with your accessories kit in the top hatch when you take delivery of your new van! 

Honda EU22i - Glen Gall ©-9378

2.4 Yamaha and the EU-30i Handy Hondas are also available for those that want some additional power, and don’t mind the larger units to store and move.

DIESEL HEATER - The diesel heater kits fitted are a very efficient way of keeping warm (yes, remote camping in the desert at night can get very cold!), these operate on 12v and diesel only (so no need for a generator to run the A/C), and are extremely fuel efficient for their output. You can now simply start and select the temperature internally and it will maintain this in the cabin without any need of 240v. On ensuite layouts, one outlet can be in the main cabin and the other in the bathroom, not only warm for getting out of the shower, though are used often as a drying room for washing as well in the cooler moist areas. We custom build all our KEDRON front storage boxes to protect the diesel tank mounted inside (away from the UV light), and also a KEDRON CAD designed LOCKABLE Diesel filler!

KEDRON Caravans diesel heater - Glen Gall © 1
KEDRON Caravans diesel heater - Glen Gall © 2
KEDRON Caravans diesel heater - Glen Gall © 3
KEDRON Caravans diesel heater - Glen Gall © 4



DISC BRAKES - The drum brakes have been a very popular component on caravans over the years, though benefits of the disc have seen the TOPENDER® range now have this system as standard! The disc brake set-up is now also available as an optional upgrade for those that prefer this on all models, including the COMPACT!

AUTO-TRACKING SATELITE DISH - Access free to air or subscription / pay TV for subscribers with sat’ boxes Australia wide!

WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION HITCHES - These are fitted on pretty much all deliveries, the feature of a ‘WDH’ is to counteract the lift of the front of the vehicle when the weight of the caravans downforce of the coupling goes down on the rear of the vehicle. When the tension of the bars are lifted and locked on, this in turn lifts the rear of the vehicle to put pressure back down on the front wheels for traction, steering and braking as close to what it was without the van hitched. They also limit the pitching movement (up and down of the rear of the vehicle) in transit. Just remember to take the bars off prior excessive pitching off-road or before tight turns, such as reversing into a caravan site, this can place extreme pressures on the tow-bar, A-frame and WDH bars. In transit on the road, these provise a fantastic benefit of a safer tow! 

ELECTRIC BRAKE CONTROLLERS - The days of knocking your knees on an externally mounted unit to have an ‘inertia’ model are over. The round dial style on the dash used to be associated with a solid state only, though Redarc have developed a dial through dash that requires minimal space in your cabin, suits all vehicles, is very simple to use and most importantly are now ‘ inertia’ assisted (for those unfamiliar, an inertia controller detects a vehciles motion, and when a brake is commenced, the harder or more emergency the brake, the controller calculates and flows a greater charge through automatically for more assisting brake from the caravan under tow). Have personally fitted and used these now in various on and off-road conditions over quite some time now, and they have proved to be very smooth and effective in their operation that’s for sure. They are a small upgrade from the conventional controllers considering the benefits, and can be fitted to your tow vehicle on delivery of the van at the factory while getting a run through caravans features!

REVERSE CAMERAS - The caravan part of the camera system is standard as some have a car kit fitted from a previous van, if not, our auto electricians can fit the tow vehicle with a large removable monitor and camera on the rear of the vehicle for hitching up.

 - ‘Electronic Stability Control’

ALKO ESC - KEDRON Caravans - Glen Gall ©


TRAIL-A-MATE JACKING / JOCKEY WHEEL - Easily jack the van on and off the tow vehicle, and if need be, provisions are already incorporated into the caravan chassis prior hot-dipping the galvanising to jack the side of the van (load capacities of jacks must be maintained for safe technique).

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We’re here to assist making your dream custom-built caravan direct at the Australian factory to suit your needs & desires!
The Kedron Team.

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