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As the trips progressed over the years from our early family travels,

Barry Gall showing Glen how to hook up the water bag on a camping holiday 1976

into testing of the caravans, it made sense to just maintain what we had always used, and ever since I can remember,
as a family we have been heading on trips around Australia in LandCruisers.

Naturally over time a relationship grew with Toyota the company and this has grown into both a valued partnership,
and a true friendship with the people within.

Have been offical ambassadors for Toyota since 2008 now, and proudly displayed the capability of their products.

Tamworth CMF 2017 - from left - Mitch, Tony, Barry, David & Glen Gall - pics Glen Gall 24
LC200 lifestyle shot -  (1 of 1)

KEDRON Toyota fleet
Display centre LC200 - 2016
Toyota Fleet - Moreton. Pics Glen Gall (238)
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