Toyota Genuine Accessories

Toyota's Genuine Accessories are something we have very proudly tested around the country, from the Old Telegraph Track to the Canning Stouck Route.

Vig Prado van freshwater splash - Glen GallThe Gall Boys - Far NQ - Pics Glen Gall (319)IMG_2163LC200s KEDRON

The quality, crash testing and developments that Toyota put behind these to have them work in conjunction with the safety systems of the vehicles that they are designed for are unparalleled to create the highest level of safety when traveling.

Toyota Genuine - LC200 Crash Boxes fitted

(Above & below) ‘CRASH BOXES’ are unique to Genuine bull-bars on most models, and in comparison to after-market bars which generally simply just bolt straight to the chassis, Toyota Genuine develop with crash-testing data available over 5 years, to engineer these boxes that bolt between the chassis and bull-bar, that in the unfortunate event of an accident are designed to compress in a way that is harmonious with the vehicles extensive safety and air-bag deployment systems.

Toyota Genuine - Tech fitting Crash Boxes

These are unique to Genuine Bull-Bars and a great reason why to insist on Genuine being fitted.

For folk coming through the factory looking to set up vehicles up for their own travels, it’s after using them extensively around Australia in some of the harshest conditions, together with the knowledge of the amount of service and back-up available if need be from Toyota dealerships all around the country, that we highly recommend fitting Genuine Accessories for a great reliable trip with the maximum tested safety to suit the vehicle for the passengers!

Toyota Genuine - parts for fitting

To organise getting fitted, either ask your new vehicle sales assistant to include Genuine Accessories on your quote, or when getting your current vehicle serviced, ask the team to quote fitting while at your local dealership’s service centre!

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