ALS - Auto Leveling Suspension

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After some lengthy developments, ‘ALS’® - Auto Leveling Suspension is now STANDARD for the entire KEDRON TOPENDER® range (from June 2018 orders).

This fantastic new feature takes away the need for manual setting and automatically adjusts the ride height, even if you forget to set it prior travel, with an incorporated speed sensor.

The controller allows to set 3 ride heights to suit - ‘PARKED’ - ‘HIGHWAY’ & ‘OFF-ROAD'

This new system enhances the ‘LAB TESTED & CERTIFIED’ KRS Suspension, with DISC brakes STANDARD already!

A speed sensor is located behind the KRS ‘RECOVERY STUB’® and sends a signal to the CPU (Central Processing Unit) which then allows it to have a failsafe to automatically adjust for travel.

Put simply, if the van is accidentally left in parked mode and is towed away, once the speed reaches 20 km/hr, the van is automatically raised to ‘HIGHWAY’ mode without touching a button.

Vice versa, if the van is set in ‘OFF-ROAD’ mode, and speed reaches 80 km/hr, the system will automatically switch to highway mode to lower the centre of gravity for safer travel and to also better absorb corrugations for unsealed roads.

Height sensors are extremely well protected, and utilise a stainless, adjustable arm, and the wiring harness has been developed to utilise extreme weather resistant automotive connectors as well.

A new seamless air tank is part of the upgraded system, and is also STANDARD!

Dual air pumps are utilised, with a German made pump dedicated solely to the auto-levelling, and a second pump dedicated just for tyre inflation, (a tyre inflation kit, both for the van, and extension air-hose for the tow vehicle, are also INCLUDED STANDARD!)

Manual air-bag pump valves are also included for further remote travel failsafe, meaning the second pump can simply manually inflate the air-bags separately also if need be.

When parked, can also switch to manual mode and adjust left and right separately to level-up uneven camp sites!

Another feature to add to the TOPENDER®’s already impressive host of STANDARD FEATURES!!!

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